Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Taiwan: my random talk part 1

It's been a while I didn't update my blog, because I'm away for a long vocation. Where is it? Ya, I escaped to Taiwan! Taiwan is really beautiful island, but too bad I don't really like winter. The weather is too dry, my skin became sensitive and itchy. It is undeniable that Taiwanese did very well in their service industry. They are very kind and polite. But, I'm not used to their washroom. Due to plumbing system, Taiwanese have to throw the used toilet paper into a bin; In Malaysia, we flush into the toilet.

Ha, we don't talk about smelly thing. I show some lovely things that I bought from taiwan.

Monthly planner. I bought from Booday.
Made of wax paper and letterpress printing.

My friend drank it in Mos Burger.
Mos Burger is my favorite! But Malaysia don't have this shop :(

Taiwan's 711 shop is very colorful and attractive! This character called "Open-Jiang", you can see it in every 711 shop. In Taiwan, 711 is a very important shop, because you can buy stamp, concert ticket, bus ticket, collect your package...many many things in here! As my friend say, "You can do everything in 711 except give a birth!"

My new purse, bought from Muji.

I get it from 711!
You can get 1 sticker when you purchase NT60 in 711 shop. When you collect 30 stickers you can get one mystery prize from 711. You can press its left hand to record sound, and the right hand can hear your record! A green star under the red bow is a button, light will come from the bottom.

A exchange X'mas gift from my friend, Darry
It's a pendrive! Too adorable!

Nice layout. I got it from MOCA.

Naive art by Nemunoki.
I bought it from a second-hand bookstore. NT 300 only!

inside the book.

You must go to Eslite Bookstore if you're a book lover. This is one of the biggest bookstore in Taiwan, and you can get cheaper price at there.

Nice postcards from taiwan artists.

We did a book for our trip and we draw the covers!

4 person, 18 days in Taiwan.

You can collect many stamps in Taiwan.

Alishan is a must go place! There is a mountain with a lot of old trees. Some trees are 3000 years old already.

A X'mas card from Rewind.

Tainan City Travel Insurance Card.
You can get this card as a souvenir in Tainan. If you like to visit historical sites, you should go there.

We meet friends in Taipei Shilin Night Market. It is a unforgettable night :)

I hope I can continue my part 2 soon. It's too many to share in my 18 days trip. Hope you enjoy it, cheers!


Agnes Sim said...

where is Eslite Bookstore? too bad la..alishan not in my schedule. :S

L said...

omg, the stationery look so nice!! so many good stuff you've got from Taiwan! look forward to part 2!

pohkoon said...

I got the same purse as yours from Muji, in brown colour...miss taiwan so much ^^

8happyrainbow said...

cute cute cute cute
I love minifanfan ><

teng said...

hello there, I wanna ask r u guys back pack travel to taiwan ? :D