Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Taiwan: about mountains part 2

In my 18 days, we went to 2 mountains-Hehuan Shan and Alishan.

Hehuan Shan in the central of Taiwan. Snow is very rare to Taiwan, but sometimes snow falls on Hehuan Shan. She looks like the Switzerland of Asia. Hehuan Shan is the first spot of our trip, so I didn't buy any thick jacket yet, only I have is a normal cardigan. You will feel worse when the wind starting to blow. My fingers and toes get numb at once! It is better to take medicine If you're not used to mountain road. The road had a lot of blind and big curves, I feel dizzy when we went back to backpacker hotel.

Some photo of Hehuan Shan.

711 in Hehuan Shan!

Some people ride motorcycle to Hehuan Shan. (they're crazy!)

First time I saw snow! Yahoo :)

We have a wonderful breakfast in Taichung after we take train and bus to Alishan.

Alishan's road is better than Hehuan Shan. You can enjoy the scenery on the way to Alishan, it is beautiful and amazing. Alishan is a spiritual place to Taiwanese, you can explore the age of each giant trees. The high age is 3000 odd years!

On the way to Alishan.

The cloud like ocean waves. Sunset in Alishan is really amazing!

Too much haze in the morning, we can't enjoy the view of sunrise.

You can ride train back to the station. What makes this train unique? Look at inside, it's made of wood!

Last, a funny picture of my dear friend, Yuwen!

Our camera man, Darry shoot a lot of great pictures, I'll share with you when I get them. Hope my part 3 is coming soon!

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