Monday, 17 January 2011

The Zines PikaPackage Project launch + giveaway! | Pikaland

Happy Monday to everyone :)

My works get involved in PikaPackage Project! I'm very glad to join this project, and an exciting secret to share with you --- the founder of Pikaland, she is an illustrator from Kuala Lumpur! I guess a lot of people will be very surprised when they know Amy (the founder) is Malaysian and she did a lot of good jobs in Pikaland. Please visit Pikaland if you're art & illustration lover, and do support them if you are Malaysian!

Currently they launched the Zines PikaPackage with two giveaways for Pikaland readers! Check at their post to look more information, please make sure you won't miss out this chance to get beautiful collection works! The Zines PikaPackage Project launch + giveaway! | Pikaland

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Cookie Cutter said...

Congrats on the zine! I saw them at one of my local stores too!