Monday, 10 January 2011

Happy 2011*

In a short period of time, I has been received 100 email about to get the CNY cards. Thank you for everyone support! If you miss out, don't worry, I promise I will did my best to carry on this activity every year! Once again, thank you so much!

Happy new year! I will send out 100 Chinese New Year cards to my friends. If you would like to get one, very welcome to send your name+address to This activity is opened to oversea friends too. Thank you and have a blessing 2011!


Tango Chow said...

beautiful card!

sydney said...

I want one! :))))

genie espinosa said...

happy 2011 for you too!! Hope you get a year of koy and illos!! hihihi i'll mail you my adress in a second because i want your beautiful card! :-DD

patty said...

nice card,i sent my mail already and hope to receive your card soon:)