Monday, 27 September 2010

Mr. Sick Pls Go Away From Me...

oh...You can see what happened to me in the picture.

I have been sick for few months with my back. I had an operation to clean a tumor in the beginning of 2010, (Actually I don't know what called in English, in Chinese called "水瘤") but the doctor seemed not so skillful, he didn't totally remove the bad area. So my back infected again! Luckily we found a chinese physician, he has a wide experiences in this kind of case. After few weeks treatment, I have to apply chinese medicine on my back and eat pill everyday, the tumor is getting smaller, and doctor told me that I no need to do an operation! I am so happy and grateful, I don't like operation... You can't feel anything after injected by Narcotic, (is it correct in English?) like a deepest sleeping. You won't know if you can't wake up again, you won't know that if the operation is failed.

Now, I sick again. Sick for 4 days with fever, cough and running nose. They really killed me! I can't focus my mind in drawing, can't enjoy delicious foods, my brain goes blank when others talked with me. And I lost 2 kg in this. I always wish I can be slimmer, (girls always want to be slimmer and not satisfy with their weight forever!) but I know I can't success, cause I enjoy foods so so much. I also don't want to be a unhealthy person, it is no point to pursue a model figure (I also too short haha).

We should be grateful if you have a healthy body, you can see a lot of news around us, people get diet and lost their healthy or some people can't choose to be a healthy people cause they get ill when they were young. It is not nice to eat medicine everyday, I miss my favorite foods...

To people who are waiting for my reply email, I will get back your guys soon! I have to rest for few more days till recover. My brain totally can't manage so many things now :(

Thanks god I still can write a blog to update my news, I hope all friends can stay healthy and Mr. Sick always go away from you!


::YuM!kO.cO:: said...

ooo dear... please rest well!
hope you will get well real soon =)

Sally said...

so sorry you feel ill. Get well soon xxx

genie espinosa said...

dear, hope you recover day by day until became the healtiest person in earth! do your best! i'll be waiting for your lovely illos!<3<3

Fiona said...

i'm so sorry to hear of this. get well soon! all good thoughts sent to you.

btw, i love mail and i'll send you a postcard. if you'll like it, write to me about your addy. :)

Weng Pixin said...

Oh dear!
I hope you will be a lot better soon!

Surya said...

Hope you feel better soon - healing wishes from Florida!

Little Blue Day said...

oh!!!!!! poor Mini!!!
hope you are better, and please MR.Sick go to the hell!!
get well soon, i want you and your happy people back soon!
a huge kiss.