Sunday, 10 October 2010

Rest Hard Work Hard.

Because of Mr. Sick, I rest for one weeks. When I get better, I work hard for one weeks too :P

All works will be distribute to my ETSY, consignment shop and my own minifanfan art shop! What is minifanfan art shop? Actually I am doing a web especially for local people. Local people can directly buy my works from my minifanfan art shop, no need to buy in ETSY. It is easier and more convenient for Malaysian! But minifanfan art shop is still in progress, please give me some time to design it ^_^ I hope minifanfan art shop will be open asap!

Take a look at my new works, your comments are much appreciated :)


This is ring! I love them so much~ You will look very charming when you wear on it! :P


Irit said...

Your jewelry pieces are so cute! I love them. ^_^

In fact, I wanted to buy from your Etsy store. But I live in Israel, and, unfortunately, Israel and Malaysia don't have postal relations. Sad, isn't it?

But I did manage to buy two of your necklaces from the little drom store in Singapore, and I love them! So thank you for making them.

P.S. I would love to send you a postcard, but I can't, because of the Israel-Malaysia post thing. T_T

Mr....=) said...

Hola, deseo recuperes pronto tu salud, te mando muchos saludos y abrazos =).

genie espinosa said...

as usual! your works are awesome!!! I'm so happy you got better! did you received my postcard! :-D

minifanfan said...

Hi Irit,

Thanks for loving them! They are so happy ^_^

Yaya, sad to know that they have no postal relation! But if you interested, I still can arrange for you. Coz my sis is working in Singapore, I can ask for her to help me to post out. Erm... you can send me a convo in ETSY, then we can discuss the details. is pity that can't get your postcard! But I can feel your sincere, so much thank you to you. Your sincere cheer me up already ^_^

Thanks! I will get better and better soon! (I hope)
Can't wait to get your postcards, thanks María :)

Oh...I missed out your giveaway! I want to join~
I haven't get your postcard, I'll let you know when I receive it! Thank you so much~ Hug!

Blossomnbird said...

hope you are feeling better...lots of special get better wishes to you
...your art is so makes me happy, thankyou! :)

Fiona said...

they're all really cute! love them all.

Anonymous said...

love the first ring so so so much~~