Friday, 24 September 2010

A Collage Book

I am reading a book about a Japanese artist teach people how to collage their memories in a book. It is quite interesting and memorable! I can't wait to start my collage book now :)

Look at this book here (I am sorry that this is chinese version!)

I bought some recycle paper books from MUJI, finally I can use them!

You can't stop me!!! KEEP ON MOVING MINIFANFAN :P


genie espinosa said...

that's great!!! i want to see more!! :-DD GO GO MINIFANFAN!

::YuM!kO.cO:: said...

cute cover! i wish i can draw like that >__<

Charlene said...

超可爱的! 好喜欢哦!看到了都开心>_<