Wednesday, 8 September 2010

August Giveaway Result!

Good day my friends :)

First, I would like to thank everyone who support and join this Giveaway! Let's us see who are going to win the shrink plastic earrings and a free copy of Pipit International Creative Issue #4:

The participants list:
1. EngEngClay
2. Brooke T.
3. Denise Scicluna
4. Katie
5. Jia Lu
6. stefania
7. Ladybastard
8. ~alice~
9. jinggle
10. loujinga
11. Fiona
12. Lim Chuan Xuan
13. smallsnoopy
14. genie espinosa
15. vincci ·
16. Olly
17. Mr....=)
18. ::YuM!kO.cO::
19. 椰子summer
20. 幺姑儿
21. 明XX
22. 橘之助

The Winner is...... 2. Brooke T!

Congratulation to Brooke T! I am going to send this to you soon ^_^

Once again, thanks for participating this small Giveaway and I hope will be a new Giveaway soon~* Happy :)


genie espinosa said...

thanks to you to organize those giveaways!! <3

Brooke T. said...

Ahh, thank you so much! What a great giveaway

I have sent my info to you! Thank you very much again!

Lim Chuan Xuan said...

>o< Hope will be have a new giveaway soon !!!!! haha~ congratulation to the lucky fellow !!!

Mr....=) said...

Hola Minifanfan, primero, gracias por el (giveaway) felicidades al ganador,
segundo te mande un e-mail, avisandote que ya te mande la postcard, avisame si ya recibiste el e-mail por favor, saludos.