Monday, 13 September 2010

What Tools Do You Use for Drawing?

Last week, a web friend asked me what pens or tools do I use for drawing. She is curious about how I make the picture looks texture and natural. Erm... actually I also no special secret on it. I just picked most suitable tools to draw and develop.

I took some photo on my tools and sharing to my friends ^_^ Everybody should find their own suitable tools and paper to develop their drawing. You will feel good when you get a right one!

I used grey board to make a box for my pens! A layer of cloth covered on it.

I feel excited to see my box is getting to full!

Sometimes I use watercolor paper or acrylic paper to draw. You will find different texture on different papers. That's what I love to try on it!

(First Pen) Scroll & Brush from Kuretake
(Second pen) Zig Millennium Pens from Kuretake
(Third Pen) Double Ended Hybrid Pen HEXAGONAL from MUJI
*I love Kuretake! Take a look at their Japan version blog.

Welcome to leave any comments to share with me what kinds of tools you are using! Have a great Monday to all of you :)

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genie espinosa said...

i loove to see your tools! :-D it's good to fing a style and paper and tools! i'm always drooling on that! =_=
nice! hug