Saturday, 28 August 2010

My Working Place

Sharing some photos of my working place. Basically it can't be a real working place, coz it is my sleeping room also :P I really hope that I can get a real one in the future!

My messy desk and materials.

I like to paste things on wall.

Small bookshelf.

Another walls.

Happy weekend to my friends!


Lavennz OSY said...

I don't think that's you messy desk, LOL, because it look so clean and tidy, especially your materials cabinets. My materials area is a mess, i just left them in the plastic/paper bags that given from the shop i purchased. Not only because of my laziness, but i will move back to my hometown soon; that's why i didn't arrange them nicely, haha.

Happy weekends to you too! Enjoy your sharing.

minifanfan said...

Haha...Our big problem is every time not enough space to put our materials! I try to keep them neat and tidy, coz I also sleep in the same room, I don't want to mess up my mood also :P

Go back hometown? Where?

Fiona said...

hi! thanks for letting me know i'm putting a cat on my hair whenever i pin it up. it's cute!

i like looking at people's workspace. yours looks cosy. :)

瞎女卖虾 said...

messy?! at least it is better than mine

genie espinosa said...

i loove our studio! seems clean and nice colors! Good moday for you! :-D

Denise Scicluna said...

i love your wall decor :) I really enjoy viewing other artists' workspaces, i'm always curious!

minifanfan said...

Fiona: Hope you feel happy every time you wear the hair pin :)

瞎女: Haha...Maybe the desk not enough big for me, I always feel too messy and no space.

genie: Thanks! Good day to u too ^_^

Denise: Ar..! I remember you ^_^ Thanks for your purchase~ Ya, I also enjoy other artists' working places. I plan to change the grey color wall to sea green color...It looks relax!

las sandalias de ana said...



Hasegawa said...

your working environment is so cute and filled with fun

Blossomnbird said...

wonderful to see where you make your lovely art!
You are very clever to keep it tidy...i wish I could keep mine tidy and lovely!

Vivian said...

hi~ can you give me some suggestion on what book to refer? cause its too much books in the market, i cant even
found a suitable 1...thank you

minifanfan said...


What kind of book do u mean? Handmade? illus? or?