Saturday, 30 January 2010

First Try Hand Painted Tee

I try to use fabric color to draw white tshirt recently. I bought the color from China, Maries's Fabric Color, and I was satisfy with the effect. Let's looking my tees now!

"I Love Mcdonut"- Old man help me to figure out the cute name:)

I like the picture, blur but in good mood XD

Rabbit aaaaar~ Ya, I quite like this animal :)

The part I love most is the "hairy hands"

Back view for the tee. Little Red Bit said love to you :)

Ya! He is the old man! hohoho~He always thinks he is a weirdo, ok, I fulfill his wishes! Let his shirt tells anyone "I am a Weirdo"!

Now available in my Etsy shop! Pls come and support me~
More Tees are coming soon~ Hope I can draw it faster XD


ah hun said...

i love ur t-shirt drawing so much!!! kambate!!!

Amelia said...

Ohmigod. These tshirts are amazing. People like you are so brillliant and talented. Seriously, these are stunning! I checked on your etsy shop, but i guess they sold out already :( Please make more! (Have you ever thought of painting a bag?) Anyway, amazing, reserve one for me!