Saturday, 30 January 2010

Hand Painted Brooches

I found that I really enjoy to make brooches. They look cute and personality! I improved my brooches also. This time I put some cotton inside, so you can feel soft when you touch it! solid and lovely~ I love them so much! Which one you like the most?

The first batch brooches I did

Handmade packaging with love

she looks hungry XD

Chubby chubby girl~

I like the color

everyone should be happy everyday, are you?


I love this cat, it looks so lovely.

Actually I did for Chinese New Year, is it looks like tiger?

An evil rabbit wears prisoner clothing XD


Hareame said...

I like your stuff so much! They are so unique and cute. Jia you~ ^_^

minifanfan said...

Hareame: tengkiu for loving them!I also hope can find good master for them, hahaha~ It s great if my stuff let you feel happy :)

POCOTEE said...

love ut works~ how can i purchase the brooch if i dun wan purchase via Paypal?

TnT Designart said...

wow!all look so great!
i like the cat most......