Saturday, 26 November 2011

Beware of Ureka by The 12

UPDATE: I received my sale reports at night. But he sent me 10 reports and require me to calculate the amount myself. We need to pay 41% as commission for their lame service! I believe more artists haven't get the reports and payment yet!

Please tag your artist friends in my FB note as well, remind them never consign their works in this shop! I don't want to see any artists trapped by THE 12 with bad service, bad attitude. Local artists should fight together, stand up for our right!

If necessary, I will attach email history as a proof.

Dear fellow, I want to share a news to create awareness among independent artists.

I started to consign my works by invitation in Ureka by The 12, Fahrenheit 88 from April 2011. It should be a great thing for independent artists, because our works get more exposure to the mass.

They promised to provide us sale report week by week. Luckily, I received my first payment on June. On July, due to the lack of manpower within the store, they will only issue out the sales payment once a month. Unfortunately, I have never received either sale report or payment until my withdrawn on Oct.

According to the person in charge, he won't owe people money. The most ridiculous thing is I have to sent few emails to ask my money back! He promised to bank in my payment in every mails. Until now, no miracle appears in my bank. There is nothing I can do. I'm just an independent artist. We appreciate people who love our arts, respect our works. Please get out if you just want to make big money with our works. I have no money to hire a lawyer to fight back. I can only share this to let more people beware of this company.

Good luck to the good people!

Best Regards,
Minifanfan (Yifan)

The 12 Facebook:

One of the corner inside The 12. (Our works were sold at this corner)

The person in charge:


Jo Cheung said...

This is awful, I really hope you can get this sorted in some way or another.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info.
If not, sure a lot ppl get trapped.