Friday, 25 March 2011

Paper doll

I'm working on paper doll recently. That's really fun on it! Each girl has their own favorite dolls when they were young. This doll has reminded me of my childhood. My parents are not able to buy too many dolls for us. I always play with my little car in playground. Now we grow up, we can make ourselves!

Maybe it will available in my ETSY soon, but still need to modify.

Too tiny XD can't assembled with silver brads.

Sexy body! really funny! I should change his leg before I print. It looks weird and unbalance.

Mr. Rabbit is standing on my table!

I love Mr. Rabbit, it looks too cute for me!

Mr. Rabbit: "Master, can you make a pretty lady for me?"


Denise Scicluna said...

i like him too! great idea :)

Victoria Whincup said...

I love him!

yoongsin said...

这次5月的pipit market你有摆摊吗??

minifanfan said...

Thanks Denise and Victoria!

@yoongsin: 有哦!记得来和我打招呼:)

yoongsin said...


Lele said...



Itzi said...

Oh, this reminds me when I was six at school. I have to make this with my daughter