Thursday, 24 March 2011

Art Prints

I just bought a printer for my prints. I experimented with different papers to get the best prints. Finally, I found the most suitable paper for my prints, and I really satisfy with its quality. What kind of printer do you use? If you're searching some nice printer, I recommend Cannon and Epson to you.

Here is some prints with my favorite drawing. Of couse they are available in my Etsy now ^_^
Welcome to leave your comment to let me know which is your favorite print :)

Oh, I love this! It looks like me.

The Musicians.

he and She.

How to Become A Monster.

Better Together / A Series of My Characters
The Nature Anthem 1 / details


mangosteenskin said...

Hi MiniFanFan,

Are you using inkjet or laser printer?

minifanfan said...

Hi mangosteenskin,

I'm using inject printer :)

mangosteenskin said...

Love to see your new products! All the best MiniFanFan!

Anonymous said...

Just discovered your lovely Etsy store! Great illustrations. Good luck to you x P.S. I have a new store on etsy (LittleNik) :)

Cyriaque_L said...

All these drawings are wonderful. My favourite one is the "Musicians". So beautiful ! I visited your Etsy Shop and now your blog I discovered thanks to Evangelione. I really like what you create ! Kind regards from France !