Thursday, 5 August 2010

Pipit International Creative Issue #4

My works have been featured in Pipit International Creative Issue #4. You can get 3 of my illustration mini card set! Buy online soon, stay tune in HERE.

Pipit, support me! THANKS ^_^


Nathan Jurevicius
Nathan Jurevicius (born 1973) is an Australian artist working in a variety of media including illustration, designer toys, online games and animation. He is best known for his Scarygirl brand.

Eng Gee Fan, also known as Minifanfan.
currently works as an artist / illustrator in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
she loves bob hair, minimalism, gigs, drawing and handmade.


Released: 5th August 2010
Price: Malaysia RM25.00 /// Other Countries USD14.00


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The cover of Pipit International Creative Issue #4 /// My works

Mini card set /// 10:00am

2:45pm /// 11:34pm