Friday, 13 August 2010

Happy Sale

Which one is your favorite? Tell me!

I am rushing some stuffs in this few days! It's hurry!

A great news is coming to me :) The sale in The Little Drom Store is better than my expected. Since the stocks are running up soon, I need to work again ^_^ And two more shops in Singapore will be carry my works, I will share the happy news to all of you later.

I can see a better situation in future, and I think it's time to hold a new giveaway again! So, stay tune and it's gonna to get one soon~

Also, I received many postcards from different countries, I will show them in my blog soon. I can feel the sincerity of people and it makes me feel warm and happy. I LOVE YOU ALL :)


Sam said...

Of course I want the panda!!
(And the fox saying hello is adorable too)


ching said...

i also like the PANDA ^^

Lim Chuan Xuan said...

I like that green hair girl(biggest one)!!! >u<
n hv u moved ur house ??? still can send postcard for u ??

minifanfan said...

Hi Chuan Xuan,

Yaya, I moved my house jor~of coz u still can send me your postcard! Can you email to me? I give u my add in email :) THANKS!

Miriam said...

Oh, this is lovely! My fav is the one in the top right 'corner', the redhead with a striped black and white sweater. He just looks so enthusiastic with his arms up!:)

Anonymous said...

i love the cute little white piggy next to the pumpkin head, and the pink bear!

too cute! :) i am now a follower.

come by sometime,