11 Nov 2010

My first zine!

Can't wait to share with you --- my very first zine, Better Together! I spent a lot of time to get new ideas to draw. I try to develop my own style and keep it weird :D

You can get zine and pocket calendar 2011 in my ETSY now! For local, you can grab them in coming soon Pipit Wonderful Market with promotion price :)


Left side illustration is inspired by The Three Beggars.

Your love brighten my days!

Pocket calendar 2011!

I love this drawing so much. It is a bit different with my previous drawing.


Daria Hlazatova said...

great drawings! i should get smth - love everything!
also, check out my giveaway

Lanapelana said...

congrats for the zine, and the ilustration on the calendars are too cute!! when i save some money sure I will visit your shop!!

Super Orange said...


genie espinosa said...

how great!! your own zine!!! hope i can buy it once i get paid this month!! go! go! minifanfan you're so great!

瞎女卖虾 said...

very nice! love it!

sirei said...

aww~~~ so cute!!!

wenchin86 said...

Thanks for the calendar and thanks for the time hang out together=)

Mr Lonely said...

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