Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Cover of "Better Together"

This is the cover of my very fist zine - "Better Together". The title is inspired from Jack Johnson album "In Between Dreams"! Actually I make this for PikaPackage: Zines!, and of course they will available in my ETSY and Pipit Wonderful Market! I found it is really good to draw a zine without any limitation. I enjoy it and always a lot of ideas pop up when I drawing. I will upload more when I get the printing, can't wait to share with you!


L said...

wow! Minifanfan, i am really impressed and thrilled to read this! look forward to the zine!
and i like Jack's better together too. :)

minifanfan said...

Thank you L~ I also can't wait to share with you! So excited to see my "baby" born!

Lanapelana said...
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