Monday, 15 November 2010

Pipit 4th Anniversary + Wonderful Market 5!!!

I have to say Pipit Wonderful Market already become a representative art bazaar in Kuala Lumpur! I am very proud to say I have been involved since the first market, I can see Pipit Wonderful Market is getting stronger and powerful. Can't wait to share some photo with you now! The next Wonderful Market will be held on next year, hope to see more friends involve in this wonderful event!

Before we reach the venue, my boyfriend sticked my sticker on wall XD If you found that, pls take a shoot! I will give you a little prize~

Everyone is busy with set up.

Our booth! Very messy...

My booth :)

Mr Woody followed us to join market!

Yuwen's booth. She shared a booth with me.

Yuwen and me.

Giveaway lucky winners! I pressed wrong button, so nothing inside after I recorded..@*%^&@! Luckily I have picture with them!

Two little cute gals~ Thanks for participate giveaway!
Watch they singing "bird"day song in here.

Exhibition and I Love Doodle.

The bugaboo by Kin Seng.

A lot of fingers XD by Kin Seng too.

I don't know this stuff came from which booth...coz all the pictures took by my boyfriend. I have no time to go around T_T Busy busy busy.

More photos see here. or here (shoot by my friend, A Guo).


Hasegawa said...

The video capture is very clear. What do you use to capture it XD?

genie espinosa said...

great great great!!! I loved everything you show in your post!!

Sarah Anderson-fan of doodling said...

your artwork makes me happy!!!! i love it so much :)

Denise Scicluna said...

looks like a wonderful experience. everything looks so lovely.
happy new year :)