5 Aug 2010

Pipit International Creative Issue #4

My works have been featured in Pipit International Creative Issue #4. You can get 3 of my illustration mini card set! Buy online soon, stay tune in HERE.

Pipit, support me! THANKS ^_^


Nathan Jurevicius
Nathan Jurevicius (born 1973) is an Australian artist working in a variety of media including illustration, designer toys, online games and animation. He is best known for his Scarygirl http://www.Scarygirl.com brand.

Eng Gee Fan, also known as Minifanfan.
currently works as an artist / illustrator in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
she loves bob hair, minimalism, gigs, drawing and handmade.



Released: 5th August 2010
Price: Malaysia RM25.00 /// Other Countries USD14.00


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The cover of Pipit International Creative Issue #4 /// My works

Mini card set /// 10:00am

2:45pm /// 11:34pm