Monday, 9 January 2012

Chinese New Year Cards

As usual, I did some Chinese New Year cards for spreading my message of love to my friends. I'm not able to handle more than hundred of cards, so I decided not to open this activity to public except my family and good friends.

2012 symbolizes the most unpredictable year to people. People are discussing about the rumors of end of the world in recent decades. Is it true? No one knows the answer. The past is history. The future is a mystery. Today is a gift. That's why it's called the present. We should live in the present moment. I suggest that we should not think about and appreciate what you have now. 

The reason which motivate me to spread my blessing every year is LifeLife is about the people you meet, and the things you go through with them. Even though sometimes you spend so little time with some of your friends. I miss my friends, do you?

I made cards by my own hand. 
Hopefully you will feel warm and happy when you receive them. A brand new year ahead of us. Happy Chinese New Year to everyone :)

A bunch of musicians is playing the most beautiful song for you

Fold the tracing paper envelope

it's been a long, long time I didn't touch my sewing machine :P

I tried different pattern on paper

 Finally, I came up with a simple line :P

My favorite tools - Japanese masking tape!

Envelope is done

The card must be face to the back of envelope. We have to leave the blank side for address because postman might get dazzled by the design... 

Complete! The front and back view of cards.

Work in progress...

My sewing machine

Hundreds of cards...! I need some sweets to cheer my mood up :)


Agnes Sim said...

wow...u very free! kekeke :p 可是tracing paper 盖了章印不会掉meh?? 用笔写字,墨水好像也会掉耶

minifanfan said...

那个不是印章,用printer print的!test过料啦,不会掉~

Pipit said...

wonderful ! :D

xiao wen said...

Agnes是指post office的盖章会掉吧~? ^^

Alejandro said...

Very good stuff, happy 2012.

Toshi said...

Love your work!

Anonymous said...

They're beautiful. ♥


面条.xiaoe said...

好美啊 嘿嘿嘿 新年快乐!~~~

Kisses ♥ said...

how much did you get the sewing machine?? nice art pcs!

Steve Paul said...

I like your creation but i will suggest you to for as well for Plastic vip cards because they are getting popularity among people.