Thursday, 28 April 2011

Sneak peek!

Sneak peek to some products will be sold in Pipit Wonderful Market 6!

I print some label for my works. I love this kind of frame, suitable for every lovely thing ^__^

Stick on the back of cardboard. I bought some furnitures from Ikea last week, so I got a lot of cardboard and recycle them into one part of my packaging!

Packaging done!

One of my favorite art print. Look nice?

More stuffs are coming soon! If you're coming, please say hello to me. (But please do not feel sad if I can't recognize you :P I'll try to remember your lovely face)


Agnes Sim said...

nice label...i think i got lot of decor frame...;-)

阿Séan~ said...

Yea I do love this,
a lot!

pohkoon said...

where to look for printed tape?