Thursday, 24 February 2011

Lovely Thursday!

I just recover from sick --- yes, my back problem again. I'm feeling much better now, luckily the wound is not deep, so it is healing fast. Doctor is a very brave job, cause I feel super painful and screaming when he cut my wound, but he felt nothing and keep going with his action :P If a normal people, you will feel nervous when somebody keep screaming but they're not!

Something I want to share with you working place's wall! I like to stick some note or beautiful stuffs on this. You can enjoy them when you're tired with working.

Few artists' works on my wall, check my flickr for their names.

I really love shrink plastics! They are tiny but amazing stuff. I'm thinking to create some art piece with the shrink plastics.

Which one is your favorite? You can note your favorite in my Flickr or leave me a comment here! Now you can purchase them in my ETSY! Items are opened for 10 days. Closed on 8/3/2011 (Tuesday)

Thank you so much and have a lovely Thursday ^_^


Denise Scicluna said...

i love these tiny creations. i've started experimenting with shrink plastic last weekend and loved it!!

Anonymous said...

gotta love the orange hat!