Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Pipit 4th Anniversary + Wonderful Market 5

Good news to my friends, Minifanfan will attend Pipit 4th Anniversary + Wonderful Market at Annexe Gallery on 13/11/2010 (Saturday)! More necklaces, earrings, rings, brooches, postcard, stickers... a lot of products are available on that day. If you are local, i wish to meet you, and please say hello to me! If you are oversea, travel to malaysia on November, please mark your day! If you can't attend, it's okay, I will share a lot of photo in here.

More artists, more happening and bigger space in Pipit 4th Anniversary + Wonderful Market 5.

click poster for more information.


Wonderful Market V , independent designer day and platform to support local artist & designer is back again on 13.11.2010 // Annexe Gallery, bigger space ( 2 galleries ) and more creative vendors. We are going to create more opportunities for creative to expose , pop art collaboration , workshop , exhibition and more !!
Time:13/11/2010 (Saturday)
Venue:Annexe Gallery , Central Market , KL

玩得福设计日[第5节]- 提供及发掘本地独立设计师,创作者,从事艺术业者的设计平台即将再次到来,更大的场地及带来更多的活动如讲座,展览及示范等等。 支持本土,原创,多元及热诚是我们的宗旨。只要你是艺术设计爱好者,我们无任欢迎。

时间:13日11月2010年 (星期六)
地点:Annexe Gallery , Central Market , KL


And, I draw a wishes art for Pipit Anniversary 4. Hope Pipit grow up like a healthy and cheerful child~

More arts look at here.


Another thing, I received a call from my friend to ask my help in morning. He needs my drawing to design a birthday card. Do you like it? If possible, I gonna to do some birthday cards for my etsy. Pls tell me your opinion, I can make it better! Thanks~

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