Friday, 29 October 2010

My new plant ♥

My new plant
Cover handmade by me. i buy the peacock in Bangkok, very beautiful, love it! It light up my mood everyday. What name of this plant? Actually I don't know :P


Patty's Cottage said...

nice succulent plant:)i oso just bought some little plant but i haven;t got time to transplant it to bigger pot...mayb later:)
your plant maybe can call green phoenix,just suggest:)

::YuM!kO.cO:: said...

cute ! even if it is my plant, i bet it will brighten up my sad day too~ =D

Denise Scicluna said...

that plant looks so cosy! i would call her Theresa :)

Ky Eliza said...

Jade! You have a jade plant.