Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Necklaces Necklaces!

New works update! Some necklaces I did this few days ago~ I like to shoot them on my wall, the background looks so texture and natural. I am thinking to give a necklace in my next giveaway, is it a good prize to you?

Hey hey! Don't try to target on my ice cream :P

3 sisters in mask! Called them Mask Girl!

I wish I can eat them all @_@

I always wish I can have a snow hat...But Malaysia don't have winter T_T So sad!

Panda gentlemen.

Happy family~

Cat and Rabbit can be good friends!


Irit said...

Yes, please! A necklace would make a wonderful gift. ^_^

vidademonstruo said...

wuau! me encantan! ...

genie espinosa said...

WOW ! a super necklace for a giveaway!!! GREAT!!! you're super!! :-D i can't wait to join now! :-D

minifanfan said...

Yaya! I think will be Oct~ Stay tune ^_^

Hezra said...

These are totally awesome! I really hope this is the gift away and I will be first to join!