Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Wallpaper Free Download

I shoot a "Big Family" photo for my works last week, and here come with some photos with more details.

Brooches! The doggie was given to my friend already *_*


I love the small bow!

Hello Mr. Fox and unknown creature~

I edited this image for sharing. You can download free wallpaper here.

Have a nice day. Merci!


S8j said...

hahahahhaa, ur wallpaper link is wrong de.... :D
800x600 link to 1600x1200
1600x1200 link to 800x600

minifanfan said...

Thanks for telling :P Correct alr!

genie espinosa said...

i've got there from flickr!! I'm your new follower i really enjoy your work!!

minifanfan said...

Thanks genie! You have great works too >_<

瞎女卖虾 said...

vry nice^^ gambateh!

Simone said...

Gorgeous blog. I love it. And nice wallpaper too.

Denise Scicluna said...

oh they are gorgeous! i love your blog too!

minifanfan said...

Thx guys~ :)