Tuesday, 24 August 2010

August Giveaway

Lovely Pug Shrink Plastic Earrings - 0.8cm(W)x1.2cm(H)

Lovely Pug Shrink Plastic Earrings Back View

You can get a free copy of Pipit International Creative Issue #4 with Shrink Plastic Earrings! Wohoo~ Thanks Mike and Ivery :)

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List of
Participants: (update: 7 Sept)
1. EngEngClay 2. Brooke T. 3. Denise Scicluna 4. Katie 5. Jia Lu 6. stefania 7. Ladybastard 8. ~alice~ 9. jinggle 10. loujinga 11. Fiona 12. Lim Chuan Xuan 13. smallsnoopy 14. genie espinosa 15. vincci · 16. Olly 17. Mr....=) 18. ::YuM!kO.cO::

1. 椰子summer 2. 幺姑儿 3. 明XX 4. 橘之助
*** Please let me know, if I missed out your name :P ***


DEADLINE: 7 SEPT 2010 / result will be announced on 8 SEPT 2010.
Pls remember leave your message in here or Douban when you done! I will ignore if you leave in other places. Thanks!

Due to China people can't open blogspot, so they can join Giveaway in my DOUBAN also.


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完成后,请在这里或者DOUBAN留个言以及把你的link告诉我。如果你是follow我的Twitter, Tumblr微博或者Facebook,请告诉我你的username即可。好啦,在此祝大家好运,最重要的是享受过程!



How To Enter : (Choose one of them)
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Please leave your message and show me the link in my blog or DOUBAN after you done. Just tell me your username if you follow me on Twitter, Tumblr, Sina or Facebook. Okie, good luck and having fun!

* This small giveaway open to all friends, even you are living on Mars!


EngEngClay said...

i oledi follow you ~ ^^

Brooke T. said...

Following your blog!

email is; tiger-93[at]cox[dot]net

Brooke T. said...

Following on Twitter!

I am @BrookiieT

my email is tiger-93[at]cox[dot]net

Brooke T. said...

Following on Tumblr! :)

I am fromthenotebook.tumblr.com

email; tiger-93[at]cox[dot]net

Denise Scicluna said...

I am following you :) love your work


Katie said...

Im following :)

Katie said...

I cant find you on facebook it just links back to my page :(

But i am following you on Tumbler. instead.

Im vegankatie.tumblr.com

Jia Lu said...

hope i'm the lucky person! ;)

twitter: @beautifulpaint

blog: button-of-us.blogspot.com

facebook: facebook.com/beautifulpaint

stefania said...

sweet pugs!! hope to win!!!

Twitter: @stefaniamanzi

I followed you for a wile!
have a nice day!!

Ladybastard said...

I got your lebel on my blog ^_^
I super love you

~alice~ said...

i will follow u~~~
follow u
follow u

Love minifanfan~~~always....


*hope u r nt forgetting bout me >,>

Anonymous said...

Liked your Facebook page. My email is mydream_3262@yahoo.com.

Anonymous said...

followed your twitter:)



Fiona said...

hello! i went to Doinky Doodles! a few days ago & brought home your hairpin. I like it alot! care to tell me what creature you'd drawn on mine? i just can't make out what it is. i'd blogged about it. do kindly leave me a comment telling me what it is! :)

i'm following with my google reader. love your illustrations!

Lim Chuan Xuan said...

Hihi, i have liked ur minifanfan handmade already.

Chuan Xuan here~

http://www.facebook.com/#!/profile.php?id=574068421 (fb)

xuan_614@hotmail.com (email)

Hope can get it !! hoho~~ God bless me >u<

smallsnoopy said...

i oledi link u on my blog oh^^

Lim Shun Jinn

genie espinosa said...

i'm following you! :-DD genieespinosa@gmail.com!
good luck"

vincci · said...

following on twitter(vv_92) :DD

email: vivi5416@hotmail.com
blog: hope5416.blogspot.com

♥like ur design/creation❤

Anonymous said...

I think I follow your blog + on twitter!

e-mail is. ollyfreuler (at) hotmail (dot) com
blog is. http://the-wollies-blog.blogspot.com

seeya! xx

Mr....=) said...

Hola Minifanfan, =),

Tus trabajos estan preciosos, son interesantes los dibujos de gente feliz =) ...

hace tiempo que soy tu seguidora,(anónima), cuando me hice tu seguidora, era muy timida así que fui seguidora anónima... ahora ya soy púbica =),
tu y yo estamos en contacto vía
e-mail (mi.correopersonal), soy de México, y te voy a mandar tu postcard, recuerdas? =)



smallsnoopy said...

hi hi, i oledi link ur blog oh

Lim Shun Jinn

::YuM!kO.cO:: said...

i hope i'm not late to join this giveaway! been to busy >__<

followed ur blog [::YuM!kO.cO::] and facebook [Wai Mun]


and that's it i guess
thanks for letting us join :D
good day to everyone...