Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Send Me Your Postcard!

I have a silly idea.

I gonna move to my new house soon, I need something to decorate my room. So, I wish I can get your postcard! Can you imagine a wall decorated with postcards? All blessing come from your lovely friends. Oh... I really wish "someone" from different countries will send me a postcard :) So pls email me if you would like to send me one!

Thank you so much! I love all of you~ It makes me so happy ^_^


우리 LADIES said...

Such a cool idea to receive postcard from friends around the world, also a cool room wall deco too :)

Agnes Sim said...

my photography postcard, u want or not? :p i took during my travel one; :p

minifanfan said...


yaya! It's cool! Since I love to collect postcard, so I decided to use them as one of my decoration :)

Sure! Of coz I want~ I fb msg u my address, tengkiu lenglui~

Mr....=) said...

Hola Hola, yo te mando una postal desde México,
Dime... es una foto de aquí??, espero que me haya explicado, saludos.

minifanfan said...

Hi Mr....=)

I translate ur word by google translate, I hope I didn't misunderstand your meaning.

You can send me any postcard. Your drawing, country scenery, any illustrated image also can! Please send me an email minifanfan@gmail.com if you would like to send one for me! I love to get it >_<


kynki said...

come i send you one!!! ahahhahaha


happyichigo♥ said...

i love ur blog and i love sending postcard..i used to send postcards at postcrossing! do send me ur address to my email so that i can send u one!


genie espinosa said...

i want to send you a postcard too! :-D
This is y e-mail: trouvezlelapin@gmail.com :-D

Blossomnbird said...

I would love to send you one :)
I'd love to see your wall afterwards...it would be very interesting...what a lovely idea!

vicky_drizzling said...

still this available? i love to send postcard to others! May i? my address >> little_chamber@hotmail.com, hope to hear u soon!

Jo Cheung said...

I will send you a nice package! DM your address *_* x