Tuesday, 29 June 2010

One month!

Time goes fast, it has been one month for being a full time artist!
I have to work hard for my consignment soon. So glad to let your guys know my works will be available in Singapore soon ^_^ But I can't tell too much :P Everything is still under discussion. Hope my career go smoothly~ Do pray for me! Happy!

Here is some works I did for last last weeks, hope they can travel to Singapore or somewhere else soon.

I love this so so so much! He is cool!


우리 LADIES said...

Your work i can use 1 word to describe: "Magnificent!"…We all do support a great talented artist :)

Li Li said...

yi fan, i think u d a good job :).
keep it up.
is me, (Lim)LiLi

minifanfan said...

Li Li~ Where are u now? Last time I heard someone said you in Africa? You still in there?

Sometime we talked about you! We so miss you leh...hehe!

Li Li said...

come on, going to Africa for what woh.. and well, the world cup is over^^
i went to Nepal. now back to my life. eating sleeping and teaching here KL m'sia.