Monday, 14 June 2010

MY First Giveaway LUCKY WINNER!

Good morning~*

First, thanks for joining this small giveaway, the list as below:

1. :*:~BlurIŋDŷ~:*:
2. meiweihuang
3. hoyoyi
4. Luna
5. fen06
6. Joan
7. grace
8. 女女
9. Ciyou
10. dearbear3
11. ~alice~
12. Jia Lu
13. littlejingyi
14. Dada Amanda
15. Lyn
16. Audrey
17. Ivery
18. Chibimoni
19. ⑩° Love Shoot
20. smallsnoopy
21. Ladybastard
22. Daria Hlazatova
23. TeddyTales
24. Joe

Time to let your gals know who get the pendant! So, let us see the lucky number is......

17!!! So the pendant goes to IVERY! (big big hand)
Congrats and thanks for all people who join this game~! >_<

If possible, I will host this kind of giveaway every month or every two months. Let's us pray I can earn enough for my pocket, so that I can do it again :P

Stay tuned. More exciting games are coming soon :)

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