Tuesday, 23 March 2010

It makes me feel sick.

As you seen, I did the illus for St Patrick Day. But they didn't use it :( Just because they thought they were too girly! Oh pls... if you don't want to go with a girly style then you don't find a girly style artist! I doubted their sincere! I did it without any commission and change it few times, and finally they said they don't want do a girly design! They like to talk sweet words to you before starting, in the end, even our name they also can't really remember!

This is the way you show your respect to artists?
It makes me feel sick.


红枣 said...

Cheers friend!!

leann said...

cheer up fan fan !!! Dont give up , i really like ur design !!

Patty's Cottage said...

i think is very sweet and suitable for st patrick day..dun down ok.they just duno how to appreaciated your hard work..add oil..dun gv up.

雪芬 said...

ya,that is nice stuff.Cheer up!!!
Perhaps to collect half of the comission 1st then the sketch approve to protect urself.
JiaYou JiaYou!!!

CK said...

nice design, nice colour combinations. they don wan it, keep this for yourself then.

araleling said...

Don't bother about them, those are very very nice illustration :D

You really did a good job :3

mclelun said...

It look very good and they are telling lies. When they find u, they already seen your artstyle.

There are ppl out there that are always ready to exploit artist.

After this incident, next time you should know how to handle all this ppl already.