Sunday, 21 February 2010

Featured in SOCUTE™

My etsy shop has been featured in SOCUTE™! Check it out and thanks to Ele~ Her blog introduced a lot of nice artists and crafters. I really happy to know more oversea artists, it is so great to know more friends!

I promised I ll do more nice works to all my friends. Hope my target will achieve soon!
BE A FULLTIME ARTIST!!! --- In Malaysia, maybe it is to hard for us, but I think good works will keep us survive, so please don't discourage when you face a lot of problem. We can go through together! Cheers!


Pinkrain - Mafalda Laezza said...
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Pinkrain - Mafalda Laezza said...

I love all your works!
You are an amazing artist :)

Ele. said...

Thank you so much dear :))

Patty's Cottage said...

u can do it and u can fullfill your dream..don't give up..gambatee:)