Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Design Circus in Singapore

We joined Design Circus on last weekend. Thx Norman, Irina and Patricia organized this trip for us. We had been visited several places, especially the First Day, I enjoyed the talks of Kinetic and Asylum. Great experiences!

1. We took train to Singapore. A long journey~
2. Tanjong Pakar railway station.

Eos, me and Tutu. / Haha, I m taller than Eos alr.

3 designers from Kinetic. (I love the Helvetica tee)

The Asylum

Ann Siang Hill

This is a little bookstore named Books Actually nestled in an old-fashioned shophouse at the corner of Ann Siang Road. I like this bookstore, you can find some special books here:)

Big Head Norman. / The Flying Tutu.

We went to Lasalle College of the Art in the second day.
Luckily we visited them during their degree showcase.

Some fine art works.

The signboards are very interesting.

I like the doodles on the glass; The grass also:)

Three of us again! What Eos done?!

We visited Red Dot Design Museum on the third day.

Eos is Ham Sap Lou-.-|| / 4 pretty girls:)

KLCC and Mini! / Norman and us.

Ong and Tracy.

Let's see what i bought in the trip!

Haha~Finally I bought it! Damien Rice & Augustana's album~superb!
I want to buy The Shins's album next time! cry! too expensive la.

Muji notebook and card holder. I love it!

Free Catalog of Shop on The Hoof. / Free notebook was given by The Asylum

I spent 9 dollar to buy this, I love this kind of style.

Free to take ar~


eostee said...

wah ur guys so good lah can go there main >_<

tutu5 said...

huh???? you also go main what

minifanfan said...

Eos, what r u talking ar?
u drunk?!

munhow@nothingbutpixels said...

great trip! :)

Elvis a.k.a Molinlin said...

那个red dot museum是在那里的?

minifanfan said...

是在tanjong pagar,学生新币4块,大人好像8块。