Thursday, 29 May 2008

Handmade Badge for sale!

Handmade Badge for sale now! I wont repeat the same design, so every design is unique. So, pls grab it immediately if u love it!

Pls contact me ( if you interest on it! And pls dun hesitate to ask more details! I am friendly and would like to listen to ur opinions, Thx ya!
  • For poslaju service first 500g is RM5 , next 250g add RM1
  • Sabah and Sarawak, first500g is RM7, next 250g add RM2
  • For international postage service, we depend on which country, please check the price with us
"Portion of handmade badge used will vary from that shown in photo."

Set A: (up) Set A-1, Set A-2, Set A-3, Set A-4
Size: (example) Set A-1=4cm*7cm
Price: RM 3 each

Set B: (left) Set B-1, Set B-2, Set B-3, Set B-4
Size: (example) Set B-1=6cm*8cm
Price: RM 3 each

Set C: (left) Set C-1, Set C-2, Set C-3(small lip), Set C-4(big lip), Set C-5
Size: (example) Set C-1=6cm*7cm
Price: RM 3 each

Set D: (left) Set D-1, Set D-2, Set D-3
Size: (example) Set D-1=6.5cm*8cm
Price: RM 3 each

Set E: (left) Set E-1, Set E-2, Set E-3, Set E-4
Size: (example) Set E-1=6cm*9cm
Price: RM 3 each

Set F: (left) Set F-1, Set F-2, Set F-3, Set F-4
Size: (example) Set F-1=6cm*7.5cm
Price: RM 3 each

Set G: (left) Set G-1, Set G-2, Set G-3
Size: (example) Set G-1=6cm*9.5cm
Price: RM 3 each

Set H: (up/left) Set H-1, Set H-2
(down/left) Set H-3, Set H-4, Set H-5
Size: (example) Set H-1=8cm*9cm
Price: RM 4 each

Set I: (left) Set I-1, Set I-2, Set I-3
Size: (example) Set I-1=8cm*8.5cm
Price: RM 4 each

Set J: (left) Set J-1, Set J-2, Set J-3, Set J-4
Size: (example) Set J-1=6cm*10.5cm
Price: RM 4 each

Set K: (left) Set K-1, Set K-2, Set K-3, Set K-4, Set K-5
Size: (example) Set K-1=8.5cm*14cm
Price: RM 5 each

Set L
: (up/left) Set L-1, Set L-2
(down/left) Set L-3, Set L-4, Set L-5
***"We are sweet potato series"***
Size: (example) Set L-1=6.5cm*9.5cm
Price: RM 3 each

Set M:
(1st row/left) Set M-A, Set M-B, Set M-C, Set M-D, Set M-E, Set M-F, Set M-G, Set M-H, Set M-I (2nd row/left) Set M-J, Set M-K, Set M-L, Set M-M, Set M-N, Set M-O, Set M-P, Set M-Q, Set M-R (3rd row/left) Set M-S, Set M-T, Set M-V, Set M-W, Set M-X, Set M-Y, Set M-Z, Set M-1, Set M-2, Set M-3
Size: (example) Set M-A=6.5cm*6.5cm
Price: RM 3 each


Ciyou said...

nice art work u have there, love your cool badges....

Make me wanna try some as I brought new T-shirt marker lately.

minifanfan said...

Thx for appreciate my works~
Hope c ur works soon:)

jean lau tan said...

hello, do you supply your work. i mean i want to take big amount from you o. not just few.

minifanfan said...

Hi thx for visit my blog:)
Currently I didnt supply big amount of my works, but I hope I can do it more after my graduation. I m busy with my final project now.
So, still want to take it?:) or add me msn if u want to discuss with me Thx~

jean lau tan said...

my msn is
still want still want
i'm actually sio yuan's wife, i always go The One Academy. eps every Mon 6pm @ class D2. can fine me there:) yup will wait till u graduate then can do more to supply to my shop. ka yao!!!